Eric Bibb & Needed Time

Spirit & The Blues


Spirit & The Blues" is a real odyssey of Eric's music. Here we find everything from black Mississippi blues to spirituals, ballads, country and even reggae - sometimes with an almost electrified swing, but guaranteed "unplugged" in the finest Opus 3 tradition! 
      About him Eric has gathered a large number of musicians from rock, folk and blues and last but not least, "The Deacons" - a gospel quartet from the USA which was actually formed while this recording was being made! 


"I want Jesus to Walk with Me", a traditional gospel song adapted by Eric Bibb, is my favourite cut on this wonderfully tactile disc. This song casts a deep, peaceful spell on me in an almost impossibly human way." 
    "The compelling", moving, shockingly present recording is always a joy to listen to, effortlessly establishing that certain atmosphere that (until now) seemed only within the provenance of tubed electronics. Bibb, who works with the much admired gospel singer Cyndee Peters (to whose appearance on Opus 3's TEST CD 4.1 I so often refer), does a superb job here: 


"Another delightful surprise from Sweden! The blindfolded listener would be unlikely to guess; like Bibb himself this music's orgins are largely African-American." "If you are partial to music made by people rather than machines and enjoy gospel and acoustic blues in particular, you'll almost certainly love Spirit and The Blues. Bibb is an excellent singer and a capable guitarist, his accompanying musicians and singers are first-class, and the recording quality is absolutely superb." "This is the real deal: intimate, assured, passionate and immediate music with no wasted notes". 

"I'm not surprised that - judging by the number of phone queries - Eric Bibb's CD has proved one of 1994's greatest hits among listeners to the Nightly Planet." 
(ABC Radio - 24 hours)

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