Eric Bibb & Needed Time

Good Stuff

Since Eric Bibb's breakthrough with the Opus 3 recording "Spirit & The Blues" in Autumn of 1994, a great deal has happened in Eric's life. In Spring of 1996 he was an outstanding success at the London Blues Festival (April) and later he was equally well received in Canada at the Vancouver Folk & BluesFestival (August). On both occasions the plaudits were shared by slide guitarist Göran Wennerbrandtwho, as well as playing on both of the CDs, also produced this release. 
      On the new album we have in general the same musicians who contributed to the success of 
"Spirit & The Blues," including the gospel quartet The Deacons. 
      One of the main features of this new album is that Eric has written ten of the fourteen songs himself, with credits shared on three of the others. The remaining instrumental Blacksmith Island was written by the band Needed Time. In style the album has retained the musical breadth of "Spirit & The Blues" while being a little more "bluesy" in feeling. Also included are the radio singles Shingle By Shingle and Good Stuff.

A must ! - Eric Bibb's acoustic blue/gospel goes straight to the heart. Calmly and dexterously Eric Bibb, together with the superlative group Needed Time, give listeners 14 good reasons to continue wandering in Lonesome Valley (track 1. on CD 19401). Where The Green Grass Grows is my personal favourite, a gospel with a delightful pedal organ and The Deacons gospel choir, and a glorius slide guitar solo by Göran Wennerbrandt. But exactly as on their first album Spirit & The Blues there isn't a single bad track on Good Stuff. Buy both, no blues collection is complete without them. 
(Sydsvenska Dagbladet)

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