Tiny Island

One possible way of having a conception of Tiny Island´s music is to consider the members of the band and their instrumentation:

Göran Wennerbrandt: Guitar, Weissenborn Hawaiian guitar, National slide guitar and mandolin.
Nick Malmeström: Guitar, 10 -string mandola, bouzouki, 12 -string guitar.
Janne Peterson: accordion, piano, pump organ, kalimba and organ.
Olle Eriksson: double bass and 10 -string mandola.
Björn Gideonsson: percussion.

The recording also includes two guest soloists: Johan Hedin: nyckelharpa (“Swedish key-fiddle”) and Ahmet (Haci) Tekbilek on kavala flute and ney flute.

Tiny Island was formed by Göran Wennerbrandt in 1989, but on their  cooperation with Eric Bibb in 1993 went under the name of “Needed Time” with basically the same members. During the years 1994 to 1998 either Göran Wennerbrandt or the whole band toured regularly with Eric Bibb in both Europe and Canada.On this, Tiny Islands debut CD they play instrumental music with ingredients from near and far  -  warm island breezes, a trace of oriental spice and Nordic mood. All the music has been composed by members of the band with the exception of one piece by Taj Mahal.

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