Eric Bibb

Just Like Love

In addition to extensive tours throughout England, Germany Ireland and the rest of Europe, Eric has in recent years extended his tours to include USA and Canada where his artistry and status as a performer has now established him in the same league as Taj Mahal and Keb Mo – one reviewer going so far as to suggest that they ought to make an album together!

”Just Like Love” differs somewhat from Eric´s earlier Opus 3 recordings in that it has the warmer, more intimate feel of the ”singer songwriter” approach delicately augmented by many of the great musicians of the ”Needed Time” band. The fact that Eric played a major role in writing most of the tracks, apart from a couple of his personal favourite traditionals, has no doubt played a major role in the feeling of the album..

While all of the  recordings are very new, having been produced this year, 2000, the inimitable analogue and ”unplugged” Opus 3 recording philosophy remains unchanged!

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