Dan & the Electros

It's Never Too Late

Dan & the Electros Inspiration Tour 1954 – 1963

Year  Artist  City/Country
1954  Bill Haley Michigan/USA
1955  Fats Domino New Orleans/USA
1958  Bo Diddley Mississippi/USA
1958  Duane Eddy New York/USA
1959  Santo & Johnny Brooklyn/USA
1959  Dave "Baby" Cortez Detroit /USA
1959  The Hurricanes Ohio/USA
1960  The Ventures Seattle/USA
1960  Floyd Cramer Louisiana/USA
1960  The Shadows Newcastle/England
1961  Bee Bumble & the Stingers Louisiana/USA
1962  Dick Dale Boston/USA
1962  Ron Goodwin Plymouth/England
1962  Booker T Memphis/USA


Dan & the Electros are:

Bert Dan Östlund (East) Guitars and Keyboards
Roger Ekman Electric and Upright Basses
Håkan Tingshagen Drums and Percussion
Special guest: Per Westling Tenor and Baritone Saxes

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