B.B. Driftwood

BSouthward Bound



B.B. Driftwood - lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, harmonica.
Per Lindvall
- drums and percussion
Staffan Astner
- acoustic and electric guitars
Sebastian Notini
- percussionMax Schultz - acoustic and electric guitars
Paris Renita
- backing vocals
Gunnar M Lidström
- electric guitars
Monica Törnkvist
- backning vocals

Eric Bibb - 12-stringed acoustic guitar
Sylver Logan Sharp
- backning vocals
Johan Lindström
- pedal steel, lap steel
Daryl Hunt
- backning vocals, organ
Sven Lindvall
- upright bass
Maria Winther
- backing vocals
Peter Forss
- upright bass, fiddle
Oscar Skogholt
- backing vocals
Cecilia Skogholt
- backning vocals


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