It looks like a CD. It plays on all your CD players. But this hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) is much, much more. Created by Sony and Philips the people who invented the CD this is actually a two-layer disc. And both layers pack an incredible story.

The next generation in music reproduction

From the earliest digital recordings and 16-bit Compact Disc on up to even the latest 24-bit recordings, digital audio has always used multi-bit PCM technology. Until now. Now there is Direct Stream Digital recording. A one bit system that´s fundamentally different.
Thanks to an amazing 2,822,400 samples per second, you get audio performance that no other format can deliver. Where CD frequency response extends to 20,000 Hz, DSD technology can theoretically reach 100,000 Hz. Where CD has a dynamic range of 96 dB, DSD recording can achieve 120 dB across the entire audible range. Thanks to DSD technology, the SACD difference is breathtaking. If you care passionately about music, then SACD will inflame that passion as never before.

Not just a CD, a better CD

Even the SACD´s 16-bit layer can sound better, if it´s based on a Direct Stream Digital or an analogue studio master. The Super Bit Mapping Direct process can be used to downconvert to the 16-bit CD format, which enables you to hear more of the original master.

So by all means, enjoy this disc on a standard CD player. But for an unforgettable audio experience, you´ve really got to hear it on a new Super Audio CD player.

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