Omnibus Wind Ensemble

Viriditas per Omnibus


This all Swedish recording by the Omnibus Wind Ensemble includes premiere performances of two specially written compositions, one by jazz musician Eje Thelin and the other by Karl-Erik Welin. Also included are works by Tor Aulin, Joseph Martin Kraus, Johan Joachim Agrell, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger and Hugo Alfén. A veritable Odyssey of Swedish Music! 

"The listener is treated to a succesion and variety of musical jewels, all of inestimable brilliance and freshness. The twelve players, oustandingly close-knit and virtuosos of their instruments, perform and delight with an infectious delight and with splendid precision. In short: an outstandingly interesting, variable and technically perfect CD for which there is a place in every serious listener's record library!"
(Sala Allehanda) 

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