Kjell Fagéus
Lonely Souls

Works by: Edlund, von Koch, Eklund, Peterson, Deak, Rosenberg, Lidholm, Bucht, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Debussy and Arnold
"Lonely Souls" is an inward musical journey with a solitary clarinet, a clarinet conveying the different characters and styles of 12 composers. It is beautiful - calm and agitated, happy and sad, introvert and extrovert - naked and revealing. 

"Never, surely, has Kjell Fageus played with greater expression, greater understanding and more revealing intensity. The music is Wonderful! There are eight Swedish compositions here, most of them premiered by Kjell Fageus and/or dedicated to him. Several of these Swedish works, then, are recorded here for the first time. But this excellent record also includes some of the most important works of the international clarinet repetoire. Stravinsky's three pieces from 1919. Malcom Arnold's sparkling Fantasy, the clarinet movement from Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time and Debussy's Syrinx (which was written for the flute but really works quite well on the clarinet). Go for it."
(Hifi & Musik) 

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