Stockholm Guitar Quartet
Mendelssohn - Brahms - Debussy
In this recording the Stockholm Guitar Quartet presents an entirely new family of instruments which they themselves have played a part in developing together with Lars Jonsson, today one of Sweden's foremost guitar makers. It is interesting to note that the Quartet remains the only guitar quartet in the world to transcribe classical music for four different guitars.

"The sound is convincing in every way! In the music by Brahms and Mendelssohn, the group evokes moods which, I am convinced, are very hard to create on the piano. Take the Intermezzo Op.118 No.2, for example. Here the expression is one of utter peace and ethereal harmony, but at the same time a mounting, self-sustaining inward tension and dynamic. All this is very convincingly rendered by the Stockholm Guitar Quartet. The short waltzes from Op.39 with which the Brahms section concludes are pearls of music, quite convincingly interpreted. The last one especially is performed with wit and style. Wonderful! And then back to the ethereal state with the impressionist pieces. La fille aux cheveux de lin by Debussy is very well done. I think there is a future for combinations of three or four guitars, and especially three or more different guitars. Here we have a convincing demonstration.
Rating: First Class!" 
(Gitarre und Laute)

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