Thomas Örnberg
A selection from
Tomas Örnberg "Buddy Bolden Stomp" 
Gunnar Lidberg "Swing Violin "
Pygmé Jazzband and Stans Band

Tomas Örnberg, soprano saxophonist and clarinettist and Bent Persson, trumpet and cornet, plays classical 1920's jazz, using instrumentation and interpretations of the period. Banjo, bass, drums, piano and sousaphone. 

"This (Buddy Bolden Stomp) is delicate music, far away from the crash-bang horrors of the popular trad scene, and the dedication of the players, the two leaders quite outstanding shows through every piece."
(Jazz Journal International)

Jazz violinist Gunnar Lidberg playing forties swing together with Lars Erstrand, vibes, Pelle Hultén, drums, Arne Wilhelmsson, bass and Björn Milder, piano.

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