Maria Winther


When I was a child I would be awakened at weekends to the sound of my mother playing her favourite recordings of such artists as 
Nat King Cole
and Ella Fitzgerald
I remember
that I also liked this music and these memories and melodies have become an intrinsic part of my being. Music, which I love and grew up with. 

It is therefore not surprising that when
the time came to record last summer, it was these songs which were chosen. Music, which has been part of me as long as I can remember.
Many people are often reluctant to play standards because they have been played so many times and ways before. 

But good music has it's own will and is able to exist on it's own merits
and speaks for itself. 

Music is the stuff of which dreams are weaved, fulfilling a need or
inner longing to touch and express feelings. 
Music can achieve this in its own right without
the need for outside influences.
On meeting Gösta and the idea of making a record evolved. We shared a mutual enthusiasm resulting in the selection of some of the older songs from The American Songbook. 

was also a privilege and a pleasure to play together with such talented musicians as Jocke, Christian and Ola.

I truly hope you'll enjoy this record.

Maria Winther

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