A Selection from
Test-records 1, 2 & 3


Depth of Image – Timbre – Dynamics

Classic Opus 3 from 1977 – 1984
 In 1995, this album was released as an ordinary CD. (CD 19500)

On this totally re-mastered version for SACD  -  directly from the original analogue tapes  -  we have added two ”Bonus tracks”: One with our nowadays famous artist, Eric Bibb from his debut album on Opus 3 in 1977, ”Rainbow People”  -  an album that in the past only been available on LP.  (Soon, it will be re-mastered and released on SACD!)

Inside the CD-booklet, you will find listening-advises for all tracks, from a strictly musical point of view!
The other track is with world class Vibraphone players Lars Erstrand, also from his debut album on Opus 3 -  ”Two Sides of...”
(not included in any other sampler)

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