Showcase 2005


As technology advances and improves so will the Opus 3 showcase to include and illustrate new and stimulating possibilities made available on SACD's and pure DSD.
In what we believe is a very harmonic and enjoyable mix we give you a selection from our latest albums of music rangeing from Blues,(sometimes with just a spice of
Rock!), Jazz, World Music and Classical.
In common with our previous Test CD's/Showcase albums, we include in depth liner notes and comments on all of the tracks..........but with a significant difference. Most of the tracks on this album were recorded and mixed not only in stereo, but also in real surround and we therefore give precisely detailed information relating to this, i.e.whether in a Blues or Jazz Club, Church or Concert Hall etc.

Well recorded surround sound has really advanced the HiFi experience towards its ultimate goal which is to create the feeling of being there live with the musicians.
Though we would stress that you are not 'playing in the band' are instead in a much better listening the front row!

It might be interesting to note that SACD now celebrates its fifth anniversary!

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