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SACD 22062 SACD / hybrid
Stockholm Guitar Quartet, Stockholm Guitar Trio, Duodecima and Peder Riis

In 1978, now 28 years ago, we discovered the Stockholm Guitar Quartet and recorded their first album  -  actually the first real bestseller for Opus 3 Records.
Two years later we recorded their 2nd album and in 1991 their 3rd and last album  was released.

Still, to our knowledge: This is the only Guitar Quartet in the world that transcribed and played music for four differently tuned guitars  -  guitars made by Georg Bolin.

In their 3rd album, they where also involved in the construction of their special new 8-stringed guitars!

The Stockholm Guitar Quartet is not the only very special classical guitar music we have recorded, we also have included music from The Stockholm Guitar Trio, Duodecima plus of course from the founder and leader of the Quartet, Peder Riisī solo album!

While all these recordings have been made in churches, they really both take the advantage of and also shows how good and natural, Surround Sound reproduction can be with SACD!

With a well set up system, your listening room will be transformed into these churches allowing you to experience the feeling of  the best listening position – in your home!




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Stockholm Guitar Quartet
CD 9001
Mendelssohn - Brahms - Debussy

In this recording the Stockholm Guitar Quartet presents an entirely new family of instruments which they themselves 
have played a part in developing together with Lars Jonsson.
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