Gösta Rundqvist Trio

01. For Heavens Sake
12´12Wave 06. The Meaning Of The Blues
     (B. Troup-L Worth)
8´45 Wave
02. Falling Grace 
     (S. Swallow)
3´49 Wave 07. Hannimood 
     (G. Rundqvist)
5´56 Wave
03. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
     (B. Strayhorn)
3´54 Wave 08. Treecircle 
     (G. Rundqvist)
04. Göstas´ Waltz 
     (G. Rundqvist) 
5´57 Wave 09. Walkabout Thoughts 
     (G. Rundqvist)
7´09 Wave
05. Turn Out The Stars 
     (B. Evans) 
7´02 Wave 10. How My Heart Sings 
     (E. Zindars)
7´22 Wave



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