The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble

Across the Bridge of Hope

A choir could be said to be the ultimate example of different people working together in harmony to create a thing of beauty.
The advent of the millennium and its theme-song of Hope which was sung around the world has been the inspiration behind the idea of  this choral record with a difference.
As you will hear, Oscar Lindberg´s "Pingst" (Pentecost) and the hymns of Otto Olsson can be heard along with the more rhythmic "Claviante Brilioso" of Tomas Jennefelt. In addition we also hear an example of the indigenous music of Lapland, "Biegga Luohte", with its barking dogs, animal calls
and bird-songs.
Anders Åstrand, perhaps Sweden´s most outstanding percussionists, adds an additional facet to this jewel of a record.

The special story behind the title song; "Across the Bridge of Hope"

The song "Across the Bridge of Hope" was during the advent of the millennium a kind of "relay" and where 8000 choristers singing the song in 310 choirs in 56 countries all around the globe  - so may be you have heard this song before.

When the tragic bombing in Omagh, on Ireland by IRA on Aug.15, 1998 happened, a little boy, the 12 year old Shawn Mc Laughlin happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed together with 29 other people.
After "The Good Friday Agreement" on April 10th, 1998, Shawn and a couple of his friends wrote a poem to express their longing for a future in peace. After the tragic bombing, this poem was read by President Mary McAleese on TV. When Erik Westberg watched the news that day and heard this poem, he was very moved and contacted his friend, the professor in composition, Jan Sandström, who was also deeply moved. It was then they realized that they had found what they had been looking for the last two years.

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