updated  November 2019

For more information on these LP's - please see the
CD version with the same number.

All LP's are pressed in High Quality Vinyl and 180 gram

LP26001 B.B.Leon & Triple Treat
"Blues Barn"

LP19402 Kjell Íhman feat. Arne DomnÚrus
The Hammond B3 Connection

LP 24001 Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists
33 rpm

LP26000 40th Anniversary Celebration Album
Double Album 45 rpm

LP25001 Yamina How Deep Is The Ocean 
33 rpm

LP23001 Bottleneck John - All Around Man
33 rpm

LP2300 Showcase 2013
33 rpm

LP8401 Knud J÷rgensen Jazz Trio
33 rpm

LP22111 Eric Bibb "Blues, Ballads and Work Songs"
33 rpm

LP7723 Eric Bibb "Rainbow People"
33 rpm

LP 22060 30th Anniversary Celebration Album
33 rpm 2 x 180gr

LP 22061 East - "Pathfinder" 
33 rpm

LP 22042 Peder af Ugglas "Autumn Shuffle"
33 rpm

LP 20002 Eric Bibb "Just Like Love"
33 rpm

LP 20000 "Showcase"
33 rpm A shorter LP-version of 
Test CD 5/ Showcase

LP 19401 Eric Bibb, "Spirit & The Blues"
Double LP, 45 rpm

LP 19603 Eric Bibb, "Good Stuff"
Double LP, 45rpm

LP 9200 "Testrecord 4"
Same recording as CD19420

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