The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble

A Star is Shining

The celebration of Christmas has for us all a deep and special significance requiring music, which not only induces a feeling of well-being but also reflects the majesty and glory of the occasion. This we have aimed to achieve with this recording. Here we include music which has been specially composed, including in parts improvisations, folk melodies, music from varying parts of the world and different epochs.

We are glad to also have a couple of our favourite musicians on this album: 
Mattias Wager
on organ ("Organ Treasures" on SACD)
Anders ┼strand and Daniel Saur from Global Percussion Network (also on SACD) on subtle percussion and Daniel Pettersson on key-fiddle.

"A Star is Shining" is a somewhat different, but still an easy-listening Christmas album, but it is not 100% focused on music that has only connection to Christmas - but with the depth and feeling that suits the time of Christmas.

The album is also partly international, with a couple of English Christmas Carols, and music from USA, Germany and Denmark.


With this SACD-multichannel album, we really want to transfer the cosy feeling of being in Luleň Cathedral that is located very high up north in Sweden !!


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