Showcase (Test CD5)

Acoustic music in authentic environments

Test CD 5 is a test/reference CD for people interested in music and serious High Fidelity and who wants to test or enjoy good HiFi equipment with a carefully made selection of acoustic music, World, Folk, Blues, Jazz and Classical music in a harmonic mixture  -  from the latest Opus 3 releases.

Test CD 5 is also an interesting collection of quality music from the highly varied Opus 3 catalogue. Like many other Opus 3 titles, it is of course mastered using the HDCD process (used by Opus 3 since 1996) which gives a sound quality that equals a resolution of 20 bits when using a CD player with a HDCD decoder  - there are now a big number of such players on the market and lately, also in some DVD players.

In the 16 page CD booklet, there are explanations what to listen for on each and every one of the 14 tracks. Furthermore, there is also detailed information regarding our recording philosophy, recording technique, technical equipment and so on.

Acoustic Music In Authentic Environments -  the most true and honest reference!

Like all Opus 3 recordings, all music on Test CD 5 is recorded in real life environments such as concert halls, churches and jazz clubs. This gives the listener a true reference to "reality" and a very good opportunity to really make honest evaluations, whi
le our recording philosophy is developed in order to "capture" the authentic 
"Depth of Image", "Timbre" and "Dynamics the way it would have been experienced at the performance/moment of recording.

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