Peder af Ugglas
Autumn Shuffle 


01. Harvest Song 4´47 mp3 Peder af Ugglas: Electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, mandolin electric bass, keyboards, cümbüs percussion and piano

Malte Sjöstrand: Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes

Henrik Wartel: Drums and percussion

Bo Nordenfeldt: Upright bass

Patrik Silvereke: Accordion

Dave Wilczewski: Tenor sax

Lars Höbinger: Trombone

Björn Hamrin: Harmonica

Mattias Wager: Organ (Hedvig Eleonoras Church in Stockholm)
02. Wino's Dance 5´21 mp3
03. Autumn Shuffle 4´47 mp3
04. Central South 5´11 mp3
05. Passion 3´27 
06. Last Call 3´51 mp3
07. Far Away 4´15 
08. Dawn 3´07 
09. I Sold My Boat 2´35 mp3
10. Stockholm 4´27 mp3
11. Passing By 1´54 
12. Strife Within 4´39 mp3
13. A Hymn 4´36

All songs composed and arranged by Peder af Ugglas

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