Peder af Ugglas


01. Beyond 4´49 mp3 Peder af Ugglas: Electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, balalaika, keyboards, piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, pumporgan, electric bass and percussion

Björn Hamrin: Harmonica

Matts Alsberg: Upright bass

Mats Persson: Drums and percussion

Henrik Wartel: Drums and percussion

Stina Lundberg: Choir

Patrik Silvereke: Accordion

All songs composed and arranged by Peder af Ugglas

02. Exit 3´36 mp3
03. Nightwaltz 5´00
Tracks 4 - 7 are inspired by Vilhelm Moberg's books "The Emigrants" and "The Last Letter Home"  
04. Decisions 5´09 mp3
05. Exile 5´49 mp3
06. Impression 4´03 mp3
07. Keep in Mind 4´03 mp3
08. Jag 1´59 mp3
09. Tide 4´27 mp3
10. Mist 4´05
11.Captain's Call 9´58
12. Fine 0´54

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